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Location:  Chinkultik, Chiapas, Mexico
Caption:  JM01130, Chinkultik, Ball Court Marker
Category:  Maya. Late Classic
Keywords:  Text begins with Initial Series Intro glyph,, 11 Imix (glyph f, glyph g) 7 Zotz. Verb (at L) is God N, dedicating verb referring to the dedication of the Ballcourt. Secondary texts adjacent to the ballplayer name him as Kinich ? Chan Ajaw. Costume elements (water lily, headband shell) may identify the ballplayer as God G-III a jaguar deity. Ball is named as 'Hun Ajaw' also known as god G-I.
Credit:  Copyright © 2000 John Montgomery.
Comments:  Marker not actually from Chinkultik, it is from La Esperanza, 8km West of Chinkultik.
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