Yaxchilán, Lintel 24 - K2887 ©Justin Kerr - Click to view high resolution MAYA HIEROGLYPH DICTIONARY
Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

Dictionary Progress

This Maya Hieroglyph Dictionary is a work in progress. In the interest of getting the Dictionary online as quickly as possible, we made the decision to complete the core sections first and then to work on other sections that are either somewhat less important or that will take us a considerable time to finish.

We still need to complete drawings of many of the glyphs-this is by far the most important category still to be completed. However, in order to make the Dictionary public as soon as possible, we felt that it would be best to sacrifice these sections for the time being. We shall endeavor to complete the 'missing' categories as fast as we can, but the drawings and the First Occurrence section will take some time.

To date we have completed the following sections for each basic entry:

  • Meaning(s)
  • Hieroglyphic Spelling(s)
  • Thompson Number(s)
  • Narrow Transcription(s)
  • Linguistic Reconstruction(s)

We consider these to be the major categories of data provided by the Dictionary, along with the Morphological Analysis section, the work on which is almost complete and so this section should be online within a few weeks.

Other sections planned for the Dictionary, but still to be completed, are:

  • Number of Examples
  • Reliability of Reading
  • First Occurrence

We shall continually revise and update the Dictionary, so that from time to time the content of some entries may change. Each basic entry is accompanied by a 'last updated' section, which will be changed whenever the entry is modified.

We ask your indulgence for the delays in completing some sections of the Maya Hieroglyph Dictionary, and hope that even in its incomplete form you will find it of use.

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