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Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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jawa[n]te' n.ceramic dish  /  plato cerámico  
jay n.clay bowl  /  tazón de barro  
je syl.syllabic sign  /  signo sillábico  
-jel- vt.replace, change  /  reemplazar, cambiar
ji syl.syllabic sign  /  signo sillábico  
jich n.surface? derivational suffix?  /  superficie, ¿sufijo de derivación?  
jo syl.syllabic sign  /  signo sillábico  
-joch'- vt.drill, perforate  /  taladrar, perforar
jol n.head  /  cabeza    
jolom nd.skull?  /  calavera?
-jom- vt.collapse, sink; end  /  desbaratar, acabar
jomoy mp.he/she/it get/got finished  /  el/ella/lo se acaba/ó
jop- vp.stake  /  apostar
joplaj vp.he/she/it stoke  /  el/ella/lo apostó
-joy- vt.encircle  /  rodear    

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