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Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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cha syl.syllabic sign  /  signo sillábico  
chab' n.anteater
chab' n.bee, beehive, honey  /  abeja, colmena, miel
chach n.basket  /  cesta
chahuk n.thunder  /  relampago
Chahuk Nah n.Chahuk Nah (proper name of building)  /  Chahuk Nah (nombre de edificio)
chak adj.red, great, big  /  rojo, grande  
chak n.rain  /  lluvia
Chak n.Chak (Rain God)  /  Chak (Dios de la Lluvia)
chak- vp.tie up  /  colgar  
chak b'alam n.puma  /  puma
Chak Chel n.Chak Chel (name of a goddess)  /  Chak Chel (nombre de una diosa)
Chak Ek' n.Venus  /  Venus  
Chak Ha' n.Chak Ha' (Petexbatun area toponym)  /  Chak Ha' (topónimo del área de Petexbatun)
chak ha'l nc.read rain?  /  lluvia roja?

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