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Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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om n.foam  /  espuma
-om suf.resultative of intransitive verbs, future  /  resultativo de verbos intransitivos, futuro
omib' nd.whisk?  /  espumador?
on adj.many  /  mucho
otoch n.house, home, building  /  casa, edificio
otot n.house, home, building  /  casa, edificio  
ototaj vi.to be housed  /  alojarse
otoy adj.poisonous  /  venenoso
ox num.three  /  tres  
ox n.jaguar paw  /  garra de jaguar
Ox Hun n.Ox Hun (proper name of building)  /  Ox Hun (nombre propio de edificio)
Ox Jol Te' n.Ox Jol Te' (proper name of building)  /  Ox Jol Te' (nombre propio de edificio)
ox wi'l nc.abundance of food  /  abundancia de comida

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