Yaxchilán, Lintel 24 - K2887 ©Justin Kerr - Click to view high resolution MAYA HIEROGLYPH DICTIONARY
Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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ajaw n.lord, king, ruler  /  señor, rey, gobernante      
-akta- vt.loose, drop  /  perder, dejar
chuch n.loom, cloth  /  tela, ropa
chuluk n.lizard  /  lagarto
ham- vp.lie down  /  acostar
ikatz n.load, bundle  /  cargo, bulto  
ikitz n.load, bundle  /  cargo, bulto  
kab'al adj.low  /  terrestre  
Lajun n.Lajun (name of god)  /  Lajun (nombre de dios)
Lajun Yax Ha' n.Lajun Yax Ha' (name of god)  /  LAjun Yax Ha' (nombre de dios)
Lakam Tun n.Lakam Tun (toponym in Peten)  /  Lakam Tun (topónimo de Peten)    
lom n.lance  /  lanza  
nab' n.large body of standing water, pool, lake  /  agua, piscina, lago  
pakab' n.lintel  /  dintel  
pakb'utun nc.lintel  /  dintel

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