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Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery


Meaning(s):  n.  B'uktun (Yaxchilan area toponym)  /  B'uktun (topĆ³nimo del area de Yaxchilan)    

Hieroglyphic Spelling(s):  (1)  b'u-ku-TUN-ni

Thompson Number(s):  (1)  21-528-528-116

Narrow Transcription(s):  B'uktuun Houston, Stuart and Robertson 1998  
#B'u[h]ktuun Lacadena and Wichmann 2004  

Linguistic Reconstruction(s):  Proto-Ch'olan*b'uhk tunKaufman and Norman  1984
Proto-Mayab'uq' toongKaufman and Norman  1984

Morphological Analysis:bu[h]k-[u-l]-tun=clothe-ADJ-stone

Comments:It is possible that the correct transcription of this toponym is b'u[h]k[ul] tun as grammatically it is necesseray to derive an adjective from the noun b'u[h]k=clothe to modify the following nown tun=stone (PB).

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