Yaxchilán, Lintel 24 - K2887 ©Justin Kerr - Click to view high resolution MAYA HIEROGLYPH DICTIONARY
Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery


Meaning(s):  adj.  frothy  /  espumoso    

Hieroglyphic Spelling(s):  (1)  b'u-lu
  (2)  b'u-b'u-lu

Thompson Number(s):  (1)  21-568
  (2)  21-21-568

Narrow Transcription(s):  b'ub'ul Houston, Stuart and Robertson 1998  
#b'ub'ul Lacadena and Wichmann 2004  

Linguistic Reconstruction(s):  Proto-Cholan*b'u(h)b'Kaufman and Norman 1984  

Morphological Analysis:b'u(h)b'-u-l=froth-ADJ

See Also:
b'ub'ul ha' water insect

Last Updated:21-Jun-2005

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