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Family:  Strigidae
Genus:  Otus
Species:  guatemalae
Common Name:  Vermiculated Screech-owl
Maya Name:  Xo’ch’
Faunal Type:  Bird
Depictions:  Polychrome Ceramics
Significance:  Yum Cimil (God A) was depicted as half owl, half human (Schellhas 1904). The Muan bird (screech-owl) was the bird of death and destruction. They would come from the underworld and were emissaries of the death gods. Their arrival and screech were messages from the underworld (Sharer 1994). Owls were incorporated into hieroglyphs and depicted on headdresses worn by women (Pohl 1982).
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Artifact Photo(s) Courtesy of Justin Kerr (FAMSI); Animal Photo(s) Courtesy of Wikipedia GNU General Public License Version 1.2, November 2002; Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0/2.5 License(s).

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