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Family:  Strombidae
Genus:  Strombus
Species:  gigas
Authority:  Linnaeus, 1758
Common Name:  Queen Conch
Maya Name:  Juub
Faunal Type:  Shell
Depictions:  Shell/Bead/Polychrome Ceramics
Significance:  The Old God can often be seen emerging from a conch shell. The symbol for the shell also represents zero in Maya iconography. Conch meat would have been eaten by the Maya. The shell was carved into beads for necklaces, bracelets and anklets. At Tikal, many such beads were found. The shells were prized for their use as trumpets. Widely represented animal in ancient Maya iconography.
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Artifact Photo(s) Courtesy of Justin Kerr (FAMSI); Animal Photo(s) Courtesy of Wikipedia GNU General Public License Version 1.2, November 2002; Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0/2.5 License(s).

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