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Family:  Meleagridae
Genus:  Meleagris
Species:  ocellata
Authority:  Cuvier, 1820
Common Name:  Ocellated Turkey
Maya Name:  Kuts
Faunal Type:  Bird
Depictions:  Polychrome Ceramics
Significance:  Turkeys were raised and eaten by the Maya (Pohl 1982). The wing feathers may have been used for (cooling) fans (Pohl 1983). Turkeys were trapped with snares and baskets (Tozzer and Allen 1910). They were often offered to the gods as tribute.
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Artifact Photo(s) Courtesy of Justin Kerr (FAMSI); Animal Photo(s) Courtesy of Wikipedia GNU General Public License Version 1.2, November 2002; Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0/2.5 License(s).

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