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Family:  Amaryllidaceae, Liliaceae
Genus:  Zephyranthes
Species:  lindleyana
Authority:  Herb.
Common Name:  Lily
Maya Name:  Unknown
Depictions:  Ceramic...
Maya Plant Use:  Ornamental
Botanical Significance:  The lily can be seen occasionaly in Maya art. Presently, the lily is associated with rebirth and new life. Due to its habit of growth, springing from barren earth to form a wonderful blossom, it too could have had this association for the ancient Maya.
Ritual Significance:  The Old God can be seen emerging from this flower. The flower is composed of approximately four petals with multiple sepals below. It seems to represent the Amaryllidaceae or Liliaceae family. The god’s relationship with this flower is still unknown. Flowers can also be seen on his headdress.
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