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THE FAMSI JOURNAL of the ANCIENT AMERICAS was established to enhance the sharing of knowledge between professionals, researchers, teachers, students, and enthusiasts in the many disciplines of Pre-Columbian studies.
All of the documents found within these pages were drafted by members of the Aztlan community, and are hosted by the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. (FAMSI). The FAMSI Journal is intended as a central repository for professional presentations, research reports, academic papers and book reviews on both Pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas and their modern descendants. We encourage all of those interested in such topics to join the Aztlan listserv and contribute your knowledge to this endeavor.

Submission Guidelines:
  • All submissions must be in either Microsoft Word or PDF format (the final versions will all be converted to PDF format).
  • Images are welcome, but must be imbedded within the submitted file, complete with captions.
  • All papers must conform to standard measures of academic accuracy and honesty, including full in-text citations and a complete bibliography.
  • Examples of acceptable topics include (but are not limited to): archaeology, epigraphy, ethnography, ethnohistory, and related fields.
  • Submissions must focus upon native cultures of the Americas.
  • Authors/submittors must possess the rights to reproduce their content (text and images).
  • We especially encourage the submission of professional papers originally presented at national, regional and local meetings.
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The information and opinions contained within these pages in no way reflect the views and opinions of FAMSI. They are included solely as a way to disseminate information.
Editorial Board / Aztlan Moderators:
David R. Hixson, Mike Ruggeri and John "Fritz" Schwaller
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