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© 2007 Travis Doering and Lori Collins

Kaminaljuyu Sculpture Project, Guatemala

Prepared for and in collaboration with:  Sponsored by a major research grant from the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. (FAMSI).
This project establishes an expandable three-dimensional corpus of sculpted monuments from the site of Kaminaljuyu Guatemala. This site was a socioeconomic epicenter during the Formative and Classic periods that witnessed the restructuring of the symbolic manifestations of power and authority. The diachronic sequence of iconographic and epigraphic transformation contained on the site's sculpted monuments will be captured by ultra-high definition three-dimensional laser scans. The entire database of Kaminaljuyu sculpture will be available to international researchers, teachers, and students who can view, download, and manipulate each image from Mesoamerican Three-Dimensional Imaging Project page available on the FAMSI web site.
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