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© 2007 Travis Doering and Lori Collins

M3D Number:  M3D0097
Origin Site:  Takalik Abaj , Guatemala 
Artifact Identification:  Monument 7 
Artifact Type:  Carved monument 
Artifact Medium:  Volcanic stone: Andesite (PTNA) 
Location Information:  Department of Retalhuleu, Finca Santa Margarita, Terrace 9; moved to Residence of Family Ralda, Retalhuleu  
Country:  Guatemala 
Chron Era:  Late Preclassic (Cassier and Ichon 1981); Late Classic ? (P
Notes:  Large damaged sculpture of head with flat face and prominent eyebrows; found during first half of 20th century on Finca Santa Margarita (moved 1977 to Residence of Family Ralda) 
Collaborators:  Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes Guatemala/Direccion General del Patrimonio Cultural y Natural-IDAEH/Proyecto Nacional Takalik Abaj  
Acknowledgements:  National Science Foundation Grant (BCS 0911078) 
Credit:  Copyright © 2012 Doering & Collins, Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies, University of South Florida.
Prepared for and in Cooperation with:   Schieber de Lavarreda & Orrego, Proyecto Nacional Takalik Abaj, Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes, Direccion General del Patrimonio Cultural y Natural-IDAEH, Guatemala. For publication or other use of original drawings, photos, or scans permission must be requested in writing from the authors at AIST@usf.edu.
References & Background:  
Cassier, J. and A. Ichon 1978; Cassier, J. and A. Ichon 1981; Orrego Corzo, M. 1990; Parsons, L. A. 1986;
Photograph by AIST
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Prepared for and in collaboration with:
Schieber de Lavarreda & Orrego/Proyecto Nacional Tak'alik Ab'aj/Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes
Dirección General del Patrimonio Cultural y Natural-IDAEH
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